Chuwi HI13

I was looking for a solution to display my music sheet while rehearsal and concert with my Jazz band. Initially I was printing everything and manage paper sheet everywhere.

I wanted to go to a more efficient approach and I start looking forward a tablet which will fit my needs: big screen (at least A4 size screen), no 16:9 or 16;10 display, affordable, supposed to work with Linux.

After reviewing quite a lot of product, I ended selecting the Chuwi HI13.

And… I received it yesterday!

In one word, the device is very cool: very good quality. Performance are… not so good but that’s obvious with this kind of specs. Anyway it’s more than enough to display PDF!

I started to install Linux on it in the evening (it is not so obvious because Grub is not supporting Appollo Lake CPU)… And this morning I get Fedora on it with  very convenient approach 🙂

I’m very happy with the overall experience and I’ll create an extensive guide to have it installed easily, in the coming days.