Lilypond GtkSourceView language definition

Lylipond language definition file

I’m a huge fan of Lilypond for my musical typesetting work and also a huge fan of « non integrated » development environment when it come to code.

For this reason I ended using  it-edit – this tool really worth to be better known.

it-edit is based on GtkSourceView module which currently do not support Lylipond. In the past there used to be an available language definition for Lylipond on the lilypond email archive but it is no more available (or I cannot find it anymore).

Anyway I start to create a new one by myself.

It supports comments, include, strings and keywords (based on the latest Lylipond 2.19 command list)

Lylipond syntax highlighting example

In order to use this language definition, create the following folders hierarchy if it does not already exists (in linux):


And just add the lylipond.lang file available on the top at the top of the article.

I hope this file can help and feel free to let me know if there is something wrong.